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Monday, September 11, 2006

Knitting Progress!

The Booga Bag is making progress! I've cast off the actual bag and am working on the I cord. Maybe into the washing machine tomorrow? We have to go back to the warehouse tomorrow to continue to clean out our large space and move the stuff to the smaller unit. We successfully threw out lots and lots of junk. Where does it all come from and why do we keep it all? Well, moving into the smaller storage space will keep the extra belongings down to a minimum!

I also cast on my next pair of socks with the beautiful Fearless Fibers yarn! It is a beautiful purple, blue, aqua mix and I think I'm going to really like them. As you can see they are being knit using the Magic Loop technique. It is one of my favorites - I do not do well using double points and using the Magic Loop means that I never have to double point again! The technique is ingenious and, I think, easy to use.

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