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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Crafty Day

The crafty girls spent the day sculpting pipe cleaner Neopets figures. What better for a rainy afternoon before the start of school?

I decided to go ahead and cast on for the Booga Bag with my spun yarn!


Anonymous said...

hi nice neopet figures! i wish i was that cool. If only i could have a piece of cheese like that...i hate rolling my shorts why would you do that i ask you? WHY?!?!?!?!?! my thoughts exactly! you are one smart freakin cookie! Speaking of cookies i'm very hungry! I wonder what i can eat? I <3 knited stuff though i don't have the patience oh well... :( ttyl!




thank you for reading my comment
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Anonymous said...

hi... wow I LOVE those figures...;) So the bag looks cool, I'd LOVE to see the finished bag... my hair was CRAZY today, I love that new song CRAZY!!! rox my sox, hahahahahahahhahahah...
hahahahahahaha... seeing those pics make me feel all craftty inside:)
LOVE the blog for ever+ever= your BIGGEST FAN lol