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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Knitting Bag

Guido at the It's A Purl Man podcast asks what our knitting bags look like and what we carry around. Well here is mine! It's the free bag from Simply Knitting magazine. It's very roomy and can hold multiple projects. Inside I carry the little knitting case, also from Simply Knitting. This holds my beautiful French scissors (a present from my Dad), two measuring tapes because you just never know, a little pad of post-it notes, a pencil or pen as the case may be. If you look real close, I also have a darning needle stuck into the scissors case. I have my current sock on the needles, the Irish Hiking scarf from Hello Yarn on the needles, 2 extra pair of circular needles, gum and carmels. That's just about everything I need with plenty of room to hold more!

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