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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Au Pair Wedding and Spinning

Our friend Maria recently got married to her long time boyfriend, Rickard! Maria is from Sweden and was an aupair for Sophia when we lived on Cape Cod! She looks beautiful in the photos! Much different from the teenager who lived with us!

On the spinning front, here are some photos of the superwashed merino I am spinning. I'm not sure what this will become yet. Maybe a scarf paired with some soft Rowan Kidsilk Haze? Because I'm new to spinning, and have not taken any lessons, I taped a recent Knitty Gritty show on spinning. I was able to watch the technique of drafting. I still don't have that down well. I've been splitting the roving into pieces that will spin to the size I want rather than drafting from the whole. I think I need to find a spinning class to really get the technique down. Maybe it is easier using a spinning wheel? I can just see a nice wheel in the corner of the living room. Not sure that Mark would be up for that . . .

I'll post some updated sock pictures tomorrow as well as pictures of new roving that I ordered . . . I know, I'm addicted! I did a quick 20 minute tutorial for my friend Jane on the Magic Loop method for socks - I think I've created another convert!

Another rowing morning tomorrow for the Rowing Cat . . . ;-)

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