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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Get Your Mammograms!

Here I am back at the computer! I feel pretty good outside of a little soreness. Yup - I had to have a small lump removed. I had my yearly mammogram and here I am on the other side three weeks later. It was a very small lump and has not gone anywhere else, so I can look forward to many more projects! It's very surreal - I felt fine before and I feel just fine now - it's really brought home how important those yearly scans are. So if you need to make your appointment - PICK UP THE PHONE RIGHT NOW!

I'm catching up on all the podcasts that are cluttering up my daughter's IPOD ;-) and I have lots of time to knit!

My striped socks are coming along just fine. I finished the first one and have cast on for the second. It's perfect TV knitting - plain knitting round and round. The first one feels yummy on, so I have some real incentive to complete number 2!

I received an email from a former aupair who lives in Sweden. She is pregnant, so of course I had to cast on for a small jacket. I'm doing the Debbie Bliss pattern from the new Vogue. I'm using some nondescript washable yarn but adding a strand of cream Kidsilk Haze for a little elegance. I think I'm going to be using this trick quite a lot!

And I'm still working on the Jaywalker socks. This is usually my work project, but I brought it home for this three week duration. Heaven forbid someone should take this from my drawer! I'm not quite sure what a "muggle" would make of this!

I had some fun last Thursday morning - I had surgery on Wednesday, so was just sitting back watching the Today show when lo and behold, the camera scanned Guido and a woman holding a Harlot sign! The knitters made it to the Today show in force! I yelled at my husband to come take a look - he could not believe it! He just walked away shaking his head in disbelief - there's no stopping us now!

Thanks to the Rowing Cat for filling in for me! And thanks to all for your thoughts and good wishes! The weather is supposed to be dramatically improving this week, so I'm going to try to get some nice Saratoga pictures to post!


Holly Jo said...

I am very glad to hear it was all taken care of and you are on the mend! Preventive care is the key, no?

I heart your Jaywalker. :) The colors are fantastic.

MezzoDiva said...

SO glad you are back and all is well with you! You've been missed.

BTW - hubby's replacement hat looks so close to the original it could've been cloned. Way to go!

And those grey striped socks look so cozy - they make me wish we had touch-o-vision.

Nora said...

Why hello there. It's good to have you back all safe and well. The knitting looks great. Rest well. x

Windyridge said...

Love those grey striped socks. I'd like to try something like that for my next pair. I have the colors walking aropund outside. I too am knitting something with Debbi Bliss. I have never ordered yarn before having it all running around on the hoof, but I was in a yarn store, looking for buttons for a vest I had knit and I saw a few balls of Debbi Bliss and it was so NICE!!!! I ended up ordering 5 balls on Ebay for $5.25 each. I am knitting a neck warmer and will post it on the blog when I am finished.

Laura said...

Lisa! I'm so glad that you are all right! Please take care. I am praying for your quick recovery and complete eradication of any disease! Health to you! Take it easy, knit lots and have someone go get you a copy of Barbara Walker. You won't regret it.

Ellen said...

Hi Lisa,
So glad to see you back and doing well. Glad you posted about mammograms. I go the first week of the year, every year, so it's easy to remember. I do my BSE's on the 18th of each month, since my bday's on the 18th. We should all make it easy to remember to take care of ourselves.
Can't wait to see your Saratoga pix.
Between the weather and being sick, we haven't been able to venture out much. Hope to this weekend.
Love your striped socks!