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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Progress and a Bag!

I am making progress! Now, I have to admit to a slight setback this week. And I did not take a picture of it. I made it all the way to where the pattern begins and the colorwork was going along just fine. Then I discovered that I HAD TWISTED THE STITCHES WHEN JOINING!!! How embarrasing. It's one of the first rules of knitting. And I just knit blithely along never thinking that I could do such a thing . . . So, I had to rip it out . . . I did not let my husband know this though - a knitter has to have some scruples ;-) I just started again and checked the join about a thousand times!

I'm doing the color work using the slip stitch method. I knit the stitches with the first color and slip the stitches destined for the second color. Then I knit the round again reversing the process. I find this works the best for me. I'm only working with one color at a time and the floats seem to be very even - none of the dreaded puckering. I just joined the hem last night, so the first floats are currently hidden. I'll post a picture of the inside after I get a few more rows knit. This is actually turning out to be a fun project. It's forced me back to some colorwork. I think I'd like to do some more of this!

Hey - I just realized that my ring matches the hat!

And I received a wonderful package from my International Tote Exchange Pal AmySue! She did a tremendous job on my bag - the Rowing Cat seems to keep trying to secret it away into her room - I'm going to have to watch her! AmySue also sent a beautiful ball of sock wool - again, not in the picture due to the sticky fingers of my daughter . . . and 2 balls of beautiful roving! When will my wheel ever arrive????

Notice the chocolate is almost half gone???

The house smells wonderful today - I'm making some tomato sauce and I just took a loaf of Faith's bread out of the oven! Heaven!


amysue said...

I'm so happy you like the bag and hope your daughter relinquishes the sock yarn long enough for you to knit her some socks!

I've been spending a lot of time frogging my knitting lately. It's frustrating but part of the process...

Be well!

Kristin said...

That hat is coming out AMAZING!! Congratulations! Make sure your husband knows that he is super lucky to have such a crafty wife! :)

Holly Jo said...

Don't you HATE when that happens?!

I have never heard of doing colorwork like that. I will have to try that sometime. The hat does look really great - perfect match! Hubby will be pleased.

Stephanie said...

Cool bag! I'm bummed I missed that exchange.

The ski hat is looking fantastic! I'm so impressed!!

s t a c i said...

The hat looks perfect! I can't wait to watch the progress on it!

Nora said...

Oooooh, it's lookin' good...

Laura said...

I am so impressed with your marvelous skills of duplication! I look forward to seeing your progress.

KnittingKnirvana said...

Don't feel bad. I accidentally twist when joining my stitches more times than I would like to admit! It keeps us humble. :)