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Sunday, March 18, 2007

What's This??

There have been lots of happenings here at the home of Saratoga Knitting. Our little Shadow got very sick over the weekend. After a trip to the vet which showed a very large tumor/bowel obstruction, we made the decision to have her put to sleep. But now we introduce Tiggy! She is a beautiful tiger cat with yellow eyes. She is 8 years old so she is pretty mellow. I'm sure she'll be running the household very soon!

In addition, I found out last week that I have to undergo major surgery this week. So I might be out of blogging commission for a short while. On the other hand, I have to take 3 weeks off from work, so perhaps I'll be blogging every day! I'll certainly be knitting as much as I can inbetween popping pain pills!

Here is the hat finally completed! It turned out great! It is a little big, so this afternoon I'm going to try some gentle hand felting. When it's exactly right, I just have to sew in the insulating lining and it will be good to go. It was really a fun project!

Here's a little something I threw on the needles this week. I have some HipKnits grey yarn that I used to make my Secret Pal a scarf. And since I have lots of grey and black left over from the hat . . . I thought I would try stripes since I have only remnants of single balls. I think there will be enough for two socks! I'm also combining the yarn with a strand of grey Kidsilk Haze, so they are very soft and elegant!

And here is the progress made by the Rowing Cat on her messenger bag! It is coming along nicely. She even had to bind off and pick up stitches and was able to do it completely on her own! What a kid!
So wish me luck this week and I'll be back as soon as I can!


KnittingKnirvana said...

Wow! There has been a lot going on! I'm sorry about Shadow. Losing a pet can be so hard. Best of luck on your surgery and a speedy recovery.

Ellen said...

So sorry to hear about your cat. Hope your new sweet pet fills the void real soon.
Much luck on your upcoming surgery. Knitting helped me tremendously in my recuperation from a major operation years ago. Hope you'll be able to do the same.

s t a c i said...

Wow...so much to take in! I'm really sorry to hear about your kitty, as well as your upcoming surgery. Hopefully you'll be feeling well enough to knit during your recovery...nothing's worse than feeling so sick that you can't even knit!

Best of luck to you!

Midnight2sticks said...

Oh Sweetie-I'm so sorry-hope everything works out for you-the new kitty is adorable! I love the sock with the kidsilk haze-I have seen that in a yarn shop & the effect is dazzling!

anne said...

i hope the surgery goes well lisa, and sorry about the cat. i hear my parents found one at the lake, want me to ship it east? it's slightly wild...could be fun! :)

Nora said...

Thinking of you. x

Holly Jo said...

How did I miss all this? Stupid bloglines.

I am so sorry about your cat! It is hard to lose them so unexpectedly. New kitty is adorable and apparently very relaxed.

Best of luck on your surgery! Hope it is nothing too scary.

MezzoDiva said...


My deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved pet. I hope your new loving bundle of fur can warm your heart while you mourn Shadow.

I'll be thinking about you, sending prayers and wishes that all goes well with your surgery and that your recovery is speedy, comfortable, uneventful, and filled with lots of meditative healing knitting.