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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Moving Right Along

Here's a shot of our kitty Shadow being cute under a pile of coats. I think the way the lights hits her eyes is really interesting. And of course, the pile of coats on the chair says nothing about the habits of my family members (closet? we have a closet?) ;-)

It's coming right along. I really think I'm going to revisit colorwork in the near future. It's very relaxing - easy enough to do watching television but still interesting because of having to count the stitches and watch the pattern. It will soon be at the point to try on - I may have to do one or two less pattern stripes - my gauge is a little larger than the original. He won't mind though.

And here is a view of the inside with the floats. I even like the pattern it makes on the wrong side!

I've run into a slight problem with my EZ sweater. I've started the yoke shaping decreases and the texture has changed. It looks thinner somehow - as if you'll be able to see through the sweater. I talked this over with a knitting friend and she suggested adding some additional yarn to create another texture. So I'm thinking about that this week. I'll post some pictures this weekend and see what you think!

We're all thinking WARM here where it's below zero again this morning!

And check out the Pointy Sticks podcast if you have a chance - Christine and Staci have another great conversation!


s t a c i said...

The hat looks so nice, even on the wrong side! You're doing a great job with the floats. Only someone doing really nice work would be brave enough to show the non-public side!

Nora said...

The kitty matches the hat!!