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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Take a Walk With Me!

Since it was a beautiful Spring day yesterday, I decided to go for my usual walk and share some pictures! Here is a view of the Skidmore campus. It will be green and lush in a few short weeks!

I love this old rock wall. The college built a new soccer field right next to it last year, but thankfully left the wall just as it was. There are daffodils planted all along the wall!

Here are a few daffs poking their heads up!

Anybody want to buy a red barn in the middle of town?

This is an interesting house. This is the back of the house, but it was built to be the front! Actually the original owner wanted the back of the house to be more ornate because the family and their freinds would be spending more time relaxing in the backyard. So the back of the house is what most people would have facing the front. I have a shot of the front further down. What do you think?

This is the Adelphi Hotel. It's an old Victorian hotel that has been beautifully restored. It's only open from May - October. The rooms are beautiful with full length windows and vintage wallpaper and furniture. There is a wonderful courtyard inside where desserts and drinks are served during the warm summer months. And, it was the site of my wedding reception! I wore a vintage gown that had been my great great aunt's wedding gown. The gown and the location matched perfectly!

This is the Spirit of Life statue in Congress Park. It was sculpted by Daniel Chester French, the sculptor of the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial. During the summer, the reflecting pool is filled.
This is the Canfield Casino, also in Congress Park. It was once a gambling casino famous as the regular haunt of Diamond Jim Brady! Ladies were not admitted upstairs into the gambling rooms. There is a beautiful reception room in the Casino with Tiffany windows in the ceiling. The Casino is home to a small museum today and is open most days!

This is a picutre of the Carousel. It is a fully restored working carousel! It opens in May and all of the kids ( and adults) can't wait! You get a sticker everytime you ride and then wear it around town for the rest of the day as a badge of honor!

This is a lamp post on the fence surrounding Congress Park. The wrought iron work is beautiful!

Across from the park is one of the many mineral springs hidden around town (Saratoga SPRINGS - get it?) The water comes naturally to the surface and tastes different in each location. Try some if you dare!

Just up the street is Ben & Jerry's! Did you know that Ben and Jerry wanted to open their original store in Saratoga???? But an independent ice cream store had recently opened and they did not want any competition. So off to Vermont they went and so goes history!

Here is our library - it's quite large!

This is the building on Broadway that my husband and I owned until a few years ago. It is beautiful and I always pass it with a little nostalgia!

And finally, the front of the house mentioned earlier! As you can see, it is a little plainer than the back. I think is was built sometime in the 1920's. I think both front and back look good!

Thanks for joining me on my walk and I'll have some knitting content later in the week!


Holly Jo said...

Wow! Thanks for the pictures! The East Coast is so quaint! Buildings close together. Older architecture. Old in Alaska is 1950's - ancient is the stuff built in the 30's and if they are still standing they are museums. :)

MezzoDiva said...

Wow goes ditto for me. I might just have to come down there to visit your lovely little neck of the woods. Just beautiful. And I'm very glad to see you are well adn getting out-and-about.

Stephanie said...

What a great post!! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures in your neck of the woods --- I really enjoyed it.

I might have to borrow this idea and snap some pictures on my next adventure around town!

Nora said...

Beautiful photos - truly appreciated by someone living on the other side of the earth! x

PS:Good to see you're up, out and about.

jussi said...

beautiful, I want to ride on that carousel! GoI think I'll join Stephanie and do some snapping next time I'm in the village.

KnittingKnirvana said...

It was so fun to see your pictures of town and I even learned some new things! How cool would it be to make over that barn into a funky house?? We tricked my sister-in-law into drinking some of the spring water. It was priceless! :)

Gypsy Purple said...

Have a great and blessed