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Friday, February 02, 2007

I've Spun Yarn!

Ta Da! Here is the first skein of yarn that I spun on the spinning wheel! I think it came out great! And did I have fun! It is a soft creamy yarn!

And here is the second skein in progress. It's a beautiful purple merino I bought at Rhinebeck. My task was to spin two spindles full of singles and then ply the two together before my third class! I had some intense spinning time, since I had to work 2 nights before the class. But I persevered and completed my homework.

Here it is all plyed and ready to be put into a skein for washing. During my last lesson, Lin showed me all about carding the fiber. Lots and lots of work involved there - maybe I mean lots of muscle! But, knowing how the fiber is prepared really gives you insight into the different types of yarn. And now I'm on my own! Cindy, the owner of my LYS, Saratoga Needle Arts, is also taking lessons from Lin. And she is ordering a wheel from Louet. I talked to her on Friday and I'm going to piggyback on her order! So - my own wheel in March!!! There will be no stopping me then!

Here is the EZ sweater. I've started to use the handspun from my SP for the yoke. I'll knit until I use up the ball of yarn and then switch back to the cream for the finish!

The Rowing Cat took up the spindle this weekend and she is spinning better than I did after 3 months of practice - Now is that fair?? She'll probably take over the wheel when it comes . . .

I've started the test knit sock for MezzoDiva - it's really a great pattern - I'm knitting it in the Trekking yarn I bought on EBay. And I also cast on for my International Tote Exchange project! I'll have more pictures soon!


KnittingKnirvana said...

Look at you go!! Cindy keeps talking about doing spinning on dyeing on her farm. What fun! On Saturday I was talking to Cindy about carrying Socks that Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Apparently she has started the process. If you are a fan, feel free to jump on my bandwagon! :)

Nora said...

The cream yarn looks luscious! Well done Liz. x

Holly Jo said...

Your yarn looks great! Congrats on plying. :)

Holly Jo said...

Can't wait to see your wheel too! Just don't let Rowing Cat near it. :)

Ellen said...

Hi there,
I'll be moving to Saratoga Springs in a couple of weeks.
Is there a knitting meeting in town?
BTW...I just finished my first year of the Socks That Rock club. What a fantastic yarn that is.