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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blizzard Part 1!

Here are some pictures of the start of the Valentine's Day Blizzard! Mark has driven off to Gore Mountain this morning - a case of trying to be a manly man . . . But, I packed him an overnight bag in case the roads become impassable, which they are saying may happen. But the skiing should be good! And my school closed today so I have the day off to do knitting! I'm working on my International Tote Exchange bag. I'm hoping to finish it and maybe even felt it today!! Then I may also wind up the two skeins of my handspun and cast on for the scarf I'm going to make. Such a treat!

Enjoy the pictures - stay warm - and I'll post some more later!

This stick is at the bottom of our deck steps and is marked in feet increments - it will be fun to see where we end up!


s t a c i said...


You know, here in Houston the weather folks have been warning us about an "artic blast"...well, it's supposed to be 53 degrees today. Houston has no idea what cold really is.


Kristin said...

We are getting tons of snow in southern VT too!