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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blizzard Part 2!

It's just 1:00pm and this storm is still intensifying. WHEW! I caught the wind in this picture.

This means we're just shy of a foot, and the way it's coming down now we'll be there soon.

The drivewa has already been plowed once! They'll be back again later.

Here's the Rowing Cat almost up to her knees. And there was NO SNOW on the ground yesterday! (Notice the Amethyst hat out and about :-)


Nora said...

Oh wow, Liz!! I hope Amethyst is keeping you warm! x

Holly Jo said...

Wow-wee! Yea for snow! Hope your husband does okay on the roads. Enjoy your time in the nice warm house. :)

Laura said...

We have the same template on our blogs, we're in the same country. Only over here on this side, it's 60 degrees out at 11:00 pm. I guess you're in the better knitting weather. It's already too warm for hats here. Stay warm and do lots of knitting and spinning!

KnittingKnirvana said...

Unbelievable, wasn't it? My commute is thirty miles and it took me an hour to get in Wednesday morning, an hour and a half to get home Wednesday afternoon, and an hour and ten minutes to get in Thursday morning. Did your husband spend the night at Gore?

Kylie said...

Just think of all knitting you will get done being stuck inside ;)