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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Family Matters

Well, the Rowing Cat has taken up spinning! And look how well she is doing! It took me weeks of practice to get this far. And this was about 20 minutes after starting . . . She's using some roving sent by my Secret Pal! She has learned how to predraft and the park and spin method. This weekend she's going to try standing up and letting the spindle go - I'm in trouble when that wheel shows up!

Here are my completed Socks That Rock socks! Boy are they comfortable and the yarn is really dreamy to knit with - it's very "springy" and it bounces back on itself. I will definitely invest in some more.

This is the beginning of my bag for the International Tote Exchange (see the side button). I picked up some Patons Classic wool in purple, turqouise and pink. My pal likes tropical colors and boy are these bright! The bag is destined to be felted, so I'll have pictures of before and after that process. I think I go use my Mom's top loader for this. The front loader does seem to work, just not that fast.

I've completed the heel and am onto the leg on my test knit sock for MezzoDiva! The pattern is lovely and I think it's turning out wonderfully with the Trekking yarn. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

And I want to say HELLO to Ellen! She's moving to Saratoga in a few weeks from California, so there's another knitter coming to town!


KnittingKnirvana said...

Cool socks that rock! Are they from Rhinebeck? That's where I got mine. Do you know what colorway they are?

Nora said...

Love that blue spun yarn! And your socks are lovely - is that a picot edge on the cuff?

Lisa L said...

Yes Nora, you have spotted my first attempt at a picot edge! Actually, the edging on each sock is a little different. I tried one picot edging pattern on the first and a different one on the second! I actually liked the second pattern better - maybe if I get motivated I'll go back and fix the first, but I think it will be kind of cool to leave them - then I'll always remember what I did!

Lisa L said...

The Socks That Rock are the colorway Rocktober! I did not get them at Rhinebeck - There wasn't much left when we got over to the booth - I ended up ordering the yarn directly from Blue Moon. Hopefully we'll be able to get it from Cindy soon??!

Holly Jo said...

Watch out - you are going to have to share your wheel. :)

I can never get my front loader to felt as tightly as a top loader.

Anonymous said...

Her yarn looks great! I know I'm late, but I have one more package for you! SP9

Jknits said...

The socks look great. The bag does too - I'll bet your partner will love it.

susan b anderson said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your socks. I actually haven't tried that yarn yet-but I must, soon.