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Monday, January 22, 2007


I had my first spinning lesson yesterday! What fun! The two hours sped along. And I was actually spinning! Figuring out how to get the wheel to rotate clockwise and how to stop it was the hardest. My time on the drop spindle paid off though - I took pretty easily to the drafting technique. My husband has created a monster!

My first spindle full of yarn!

The cat saying "what the heck is this thing?"

And I went ahead and added a rib to the bottom of the sweater. I think it looks fine! No more curl and you can see the hand spun yarn! I've actually finished the main body up to the armholes. I have to finish the one sleeve and start the second. Of course, I have spinning "homework" so we'll see how much of the sweater gets done this week!


Midnight2sticks said...

Weee! I am so excited (jealous) for (of) you!

Holly Jo said...

You look so relaxed behind the wheel. :) Isn't it so much fun? What kind of wheel are you using? My cat loves my spinning wheel - we actually had a bit of a kitty accident when I was borrowing one with spokes. She recovered though. :) Have fun!

Stephanie said...

Rock on! That looks fantastic!!!

Lisa L said...

The wheel is a Louet S51 I think! It works really well and is the one that my teacher goes to all of the time. This could be the one I order!

Anonymous said...

Wow! It is amazing what you can do with a spinning wheel. Looks great. I've alawys wanted to learn, maybe one day when my kids are bigger.

Lisa L said...

Thanks Abby! I definitely think little ones and a spinning wheel might not mix that well . . . I'm having lots of fun - have to finish up my second bobbin tonight before my class tomorrow!

Nora said...

You look so peaceful in that photo. Spinning is something I've wanted to try for a while now - perhaps you'll be the one to inspire me. x