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Monday, January 01, 2007

Lace Magic

Happy New Year! We spent the weekend in Marblehead, MA with Mark's family. Here is the Rowing Cat with her new copy of the latest Warriors book - she loves this series. She is lounging with her new bathrobe . . .

This is a picture of Mark's family at our New Year's Dinner. From the left, Mark, me, Norry, Elena, Paul, Suzanne and Carl. Mark, Paul and Carl are brothers. My mother-in-law Joan must have been in the kitchen when this was taken. Take no note of the wine glass in my hand. I have to admit to a slight hangover the next day. This was actually the eve of New Year's Eve, so I had a day to recover!

And here is a little Lace Magic! I finally finished this shawl after starting it 4 years ago . . . It's the Faux Russian Stole from A Gathering of Lace. I definitely enjoyed making this but I'm not sure I want to dive right into another one just yet! Here is the shawl pre-blocking laid out on the carpet.

And here it is in the sink getting wet.

And here it is pinned out and blocking! I love the transformation!

I can hardly believe I actually made this! Later in the week I'll have some pictures of the progress on my EZ sweater and the Bejeweled Scarf (click the button on the sidebar for the knitalong!)


Anonymous said...

Your lace is amazing!!! I need to work on mine really bad. I love the picture of the glowing kitty eyes! Happy New Year!!! SP9

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! All those yarnovers make for such a beautiful pattern. Does your kitty stay off the blocking lace?

Nora said...

Happy New Year Liz. x

PS: The shawl is exquisite!

s t a c i said...

I love seeing pre- and post-blocking photos, especially with lace! The stole is really lovely.

Anonymous said...

Your lacework is BEAUTIFUL!

Thanks for sharing the before and after pictures of the blocking --- the transformation was cool to see.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely stunning!