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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Goodies

Whew - I survived another Christmas! Here is our "eerie" Christmas photo. I'm not quite sure how I managed it with the camera, but it's interesting!

Here is a picture of the completed hand warmers for the Rowing Cat! She loved them and has hardly taken them off! The "I'm making a pair of socks" ruse worked - she had no idea! Her friends at school are going to be jealous of these if they thought her "Amethyst" hat was "cool"! She even received a compliment on them from one of the ladies at the yarn store this morning!

And now for the most amazing news! For Christmas I received a very soft skein of llama yarn from Saratoga Llamas. That in itself is tremendous, but it's the paper underneath that is the real gift!

My husband is giving me 6 hours of spinning lessons with Lin Woods from Saratoga Llamas!!! And, at the end of the lessons, he is going to buy me a spinning wheel of my choice! How great is that! I was so surprised and still can't really believe it. Just the fact that he went by himself into the yarn store to ask about spinning and then continued, by himself, to Saratoga Llamas to talk to Lin is amazing! And the best part is that Lin has her students spin on each of the wheels that she has, so by the end of the course, you have an idea of the brand/type of wheel you feel most comfortable with. I could not think of a better present! (Letting him sell his used scull and buy a new one this spring was worth it!)

Mark worked at Gore Mountain on Christmas Day, so I was inspired to finish the shawl I have been working on for 4 years! The Rowing Cat almost fell off of her chair when I showed her the finished product - she's been bugging me about it forever! Of course, as soon as I put it down on the chair the cat decided it was the perfect location for a nap . . . I have to check and see if I have enough blocking pins, and if I do I'm going to block it this afternoon. Stay tuned for some lace magic!


Anonymous said...

Wow-what a great present-can't wait to see the lace

Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas present! Your husband did good.

Can't wait to see the magic of lace. Love those photos.

Nora said...

Love the "eerie" pic.

All the best for 2007! x

Earin Marybird said...

Cats just love the knitting. They like sewing patterns too and make great fabric weights though they tend to move around a bit much!

It was too funny hearing that you had listened to my podcast then read about the hike on my blog. Thank you for listening *and* commenting. Another pcast today or tomorrow if all goes well. Have a Happy New Year and Peace to us all!

Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray --- I'm so excited you are taking spinning lessons too!

I took a spinning lesson a few months back and got a wheel for Christmas.

It will be fun to share hiccups with another "newbie" spinner!

Happy New Year!!

I love it when my dog's eyes glow like that --- Demon Dog! hee!