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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well, last weekend came and went and things got done.  I worked a little on the WWII Navy Iceland Sweater I'm making for Mark because I ". . . never make HIM a sweater . . ." ;-)  I found this pattern on the American Red Cross Museum site.  There are several patterns there.  The interesting thing about these patterns is what is left out.  I'm so used to reading a pattern that has every little thing spelled out in triplicate with different instructions for different sizes, technique explanations, sizing and charts.  Take a look at the pattern - it's basically take your yarn and needles and knit!  It assumes that you already have an understanding of shaping and sizing and gauge.  A very different way of knitting.  I've made some adjustments in hopes that it will actually FIT Mark!

Our friend Rich came up last weekend.  He is a recent convert to rowing and bought a double racing shell that Mark picked up for him.  He came to do some work on the boat and to take a rowing lesson on Schroon Lake.  Of course, while he was here, Mark got him to help with one of those projects that never seems to get done.  They borrowed my Dad's chainsaw and cut down the trees next to our very old shed. 

Of course now you can actually SEE the shed and it looks TERRIBLE next to our house.  A new shed is in the works!

I've been reading Mr. Peanut, a book recommended by the Books on the Nightstand podcast (which I love, by the way!)  There's nothing better than a good book and a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Here's a little progress on the pink beret.  I actually finished and blocked this during the week, but it is too large!  I may try to felt it slightly to see if it will shrink to a better size.  Or I may frog and re-use for a different hat! 

And a final picture of the Cat.  She really captures the weekend way to be!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, man. It still looks warm there! All that green. :)

The instructions sound similar to EZ patterns. I wonder if the patterns changed when so many people stopped knitting and if we will go back to such pithy instructions as more people knit. :)