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Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's Up With You?

What's up with you? I have been thoroughly enjoying the transition to Spring here in upstate New York. The temperature SOARED to 68 yesterday and I actually sat on our deck reading in the sun for an hour! We do still have some snow left on the front yard . . . but - we can use both sides of the driveway now!

The Rowing Cat successfully survived the school presentation of Damn Yankees. I was impressed with the amount of singing and acting talent hiding at such a small school. The kids were really teriffic!

We are off soon to Key West! Mark's parents are already on their way down and we'll soon be following. I am looking forward to cool gin and tonics on the porch and lots of swimming and reading by the pool. I'm planning to stop by Knit Wits, the cute little yarn shop in Key West, to say hello to Abigail! She is the knitter who so graciously assassinated me during Sock Wars last year. I went to the shop last year and have now found out that Abigail is working there part time this year! It will be so much fun to meet up with a Ravelry friend!

We are moving into the busy period at work. All of the incoming law students (Class of 2012) are in the process of applying for financial aid. So I have lots of paperwork to process and questions to answer. This is the time that I really have to remember to bring along my knitting just to de-stress during lunch! A few of us are planning to spend lunches under the trees knitting. I even think we may have a few more converts - I'm hearing a few non-knitters saying that they are ready to learn! Knitting at lunch is going to become the "in" thing this summer - I just know it!

In other news, I finally opened my Etsy shop! I've called it Saratoga Spinning and I'm listing all of the yarns that I'm spinning but don't have time to knit up! I think this will be fun to see my yarn go to good homes ;-) I just enjoy the spinning process so much - the feel of the fiber, the lovely colors coming together during plying, the sense of accomplishment. It's a little scary going out there, but the Rowing Cat has been encouraging me to do it, so I finally decided to go ahead!

Progress is being made on the Pi Shawl. I'd say it's almost done (I'm getting tired of the knitting and EZ says that's what indicates the shawl is ready to jump off of the needles!) It's going to be wonderfully warm for the Rowing Cat. I'm anxious to see what it looks like blocked and how big it will actually be.

Here is the progress on the Sullivan Street Bolero. It is such an easy knit! I'm using a wool and silk combo so it is incredibly soft. I'm almost finished with it - the truth will be in the blocking!

My Saratoga Llama fiber is all spun up and waiting to be knit into a vest. It is sooooo soft! The colors are dark brown and chocolate brown mixed. The colors in this picture don't seem to be right at all.

I am really enjoying the Bellatrix Sock pattern! I love the freedom of dropping wraps and the colors are striping wonderfully!

That's all for now - it's off to the grocery store for me!


Lin said...

Well done on setting up shop, I like doing mine, its fun and I can knit all those things I wouldn't normally need!

knittingknirvana said...

Wasn't Friday and Saturday beautiful??? Could Winter really be over???

I love how your daughter is encouraging you to open your Etsy shop! :)

Gina said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm decorating a little notebook for you in Linda's (Queen of the Froggers) swap. Thought I'd call by and see what you were interested in... knitting obviously! It will be fun!

anne said...

Thanks lisa! we're super excited. and i gotta say, i was pretty scared just thinking short term...teenage angst just adds to the fear!

catsmum said...

Congrats on taking that first step with the shop - hope all goes brilliantly