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Monday, May 26, 2008

Another Winner!

It was a beautiful morning on Lake George for the Milford Lester Memorial Race. The rowers started at Million Dollar Beach and rowed 6 miles around one of the islands barely visible in the photo. The race took about an hour, leaving me with knitting time!

As you can see, Mark won another medal! He came in second in his class. He was beat by his coach, so that's not too shabby! We all spent some time in a rustic pub having drinks, lunch and awards after the race. A good time was had by all! No more races until the fall - just practice, practice, practice.

Now onto some knitting. This is a smoke ring that I've been knitting out of the handspun fiber I bought at Rhinebeck. It's actually a burgundy color, not the purple that it looks in the photo. This poor yarn has been through the ringer. I first started out making the Sarcelle shawl, which is a lovely pattern. However, I soon realized that I did not have enough yarn. So off to the frog pond it went. I pulled out my saved patterns folder and decided to knit the smoke ring. I spent a whole afternoon on this, completing 2 repeats of the pattern before realizing that something was wrong. The lace just didn't look right. So I looked at the knitting, back to the chart, back to the knitting, back to the chart. And then it clicked. The pattern had a mistake in it. So back to the frog pond it went. One more time I started the smoke ring and finally hit the nail on the head! Although this has been a crazy project, I do feel confident enough as a knitter to be able to look at the knitting and the pattern and figure out the problem!

Now here is my spinning. I've been working on this for awhile. This is Romney wool from a work friend. She owns a small flock of Romney sheep and finally brought me in a pound of her fiber! It has become a beautiful lace weight singles yarn. I'm planning to make a modified version of the Print of the Wave Stole. It's going to be my summer lace project!


Holly Jo said...

Wow! The lace weight is so impressive. Your spinning skills have come so far!

Looks like it was a beautiful day to be out.

Queen of the froggers said...

The lace ring is nice. Love the spinning too.

Jknits said...

Congrats to hubby on the medal. It seems like a great combination - he rows, you knit and then you all party together!

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

Absolutely lovely yarn:)Hugs Darcy

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

great pictures looks like it was a lovely day:)