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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

Here's a little fibery goodness to start the day. Two bobbins full of Spunky Eclectic fiber. The November edition of the fiber club. It's called Pie for Everyone and is Falkland wool. It spun up beautifully. I find that I really enjoy spinning pure wool - probably because the fibers stick together so well!

Here is it all plied up and ready to go.

And washed and skeined! This is going to be my next bus knitting project. Socks, of course! Toe up with a short row heel this time I think. I haven't decided on the cuff pattern yet but I think I'll just do the foot in plain stockinette. I just put all of my hand knit socks in the wash this afternoon and realized that many of them are beginning to wear out. So lots more socks need to be in my future!

And more fibery goodness - Wool, alpaca and silk called Rasberries and Chocolate. I purchased this at Rhinebeck and just started to spin it. It's destined to become a summer shawl. My other Rhinebeck purchase, if you remember, was some beautiful angora rabbit and wool blend in black and white. When I pulled it out last month to pre-draft I started wheezing and sneezing. Of course I'm TOTALLY allergic to rabbits! What made me think this would be any different???? So today I sent off the fiber to its new home with Holly Jo! It will become something beautiful in Alaska now!

I couldn't resist a little last bit of Christmas! These were taken at the house of one of my mother-in-law's neighbors. Can you believe it???? The house is full of these dolls. All of the tables are arranged in themes. This is the second year we've gone over to see and there are more dolls this year!

And here is the Rowing Cat's Gingerbread House for 2007!

The steaks are coming off of the grill, so I'll wrap up here. I'll post later in the week - the Rowing Cat and I have tickets to see Spamalot!


Holly Jo said...

Your plying looks fantastic.

Can't wait for the fiber. Thank you so much for thinking of me. :)

Queen of the froggers said...

I too need to knit more socks as mine are wearing, your yarn is gorgeous. The gingerbread house is lovely!

Jknits said...

The yarn looks fabulous. It will make a great pair of socks.