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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Campanula For The Cure

Do you remember that several months ago I test knit a sock pattern called Campanula? Here's a picture:

I really enjoyed this pattern and the author, MezzoDiva, is now doing a KAL with the pattern. Here's what she says:

"I recently took the plunge to publish my very own lace sock pattern, called CAMPANULA for the CURE, and I'm making it a fundraiser for the 2007 Weekend to End Breast Cancer. All I ask in exchange for a copy of the pattern is that a donation of ANY AMOUNT (no matter how small) be made by sponsoring me for this 2-day 60-km walkathon next September benefiting the Princess Margaret Hospital, Canada’s leading Cancer treatment and research facility. Donate any amount you choose! Just put CAMPANULA in the message line or leave a comment here or on my blog. The WEBC site will inform me of the donation and I will email a PDF of the pattern ASAP (if you need another format, please let me know).

In the interest of raising further awareness for this foot-related fundraiser (a sock pattern to sponsor a 60-km walkathon) and the fight to conquer cancer, I’ve decided to start a CAMPANULA for the CURE knit-along!

There will be weekly contests and prize draws (some beautiful hand-dyed sock yarns I recently acquired will be up for grabs, as well as more goodies to be announced) for posting about the project and your progress at the KAL site and for posting on your own blogs (please notify me, it can be hard to keep up with all of you, but I’ll try).

To this end, I am inviting you all to join me in knitting your very own Campanula socks starting this Wednesday August 1st (that also happens to be my birthday!) or as soon thereafter you can begin. And if you join later, don't worry. This KAL is not a race to the finish (though I will give a prize to the knitter of the first complete pair posted). Like my upcoming 60-km walk, slow and steady will get the job done. (If you are one of my intrepid test-knitters and you made only one sock, now’s a great time to finish the pair. If you made a pair, please post them and start another!)

For more pictures of these lovely socks, please see the CAMPANULA flickr gallery

I am also sending out a shout out to anyone with experience doing these things – if you’d be willing to advise me or perhaps even to co-host this endeavour with me, I will be very grateful! And if any purveyors of knitting paraphernalia are willing to donate small prizes, that would be wonderful!

If you are interested in joining, just go ahead and get your pattern by donating to the fight against cancer or RSVP to me at: mezzodiva-at-sympatico-dot-ca,
subject: CAMPANULA for the CURE!"

If you're interested, click the button on my sidebar to go to the KAL website! I'm going to use the Fleece Artist I just bought for mine!


Nora said...

What a great idea - off to donate and download the pattern. :)

Lisa L said...

Thanks Nora! You'll enjoy the pattern!

Kylie said...

What a great idea.I'd be happy just to donate without knitting the socks i have enough trouble knitting regular socks without adding a pattern to them :)