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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Roving Socks

I've begun spinning my Spunky Eclectic Chocolate Covered Cherries Merino roving! The picture is a little fuzzy, but it's looking pretty good. The cherry color really pops! I'm attempting to spin this thick - it really is funny how hard this is after getting used to spinning thinner. I think I still like to spin thinner though. I feel a little out of control with this thicker yarn. This is destined to be a Booga Bag. Maybe for a Christmas present?? I did have a little moment of panic and had to go back and check the fiber info - thankfully it's Merino and NOT superwash! It should felt just fine.

I have one Jaywalker finished! Yay! The Tofutsies has been fun to work with. It really flows very easily through my fingers and feels very soft on the foot. I'm onto the leg of the second sock, so I'll probably finish these later this week. I have to admit that I'm still having sizing problems with this pattern. The socks are still just a little too big. But the pattern repeat is very easy to memorize. I think I'll move onto another pattern after this one. Maybe I'll come back to it sometime in the future. I hate to be defeated by a pattern - it just leaves that little niggle . . .

I wound up my Strawberry Fields from Spunky Eclectic tonight. And of course I had to cast on for my next pair of socks . . . The Go Whith the Flow socks. I'm doing the toe and heel in a cream that I have in my stash. I think I'm going to enjoy these. The color is already making me smile! I think I'll keep these for myself!

The Mystery Shawl 3 has been cast on and I'm about 2/3 of the way through the first clue chart. The next clue comes out on Friday. The concept is fun. I think it's good for me because it will give me incentive to keep on going rather than putting the project down for months.

The Rowing Cat is off at a friends camp for a few days and Mark is working at Chingachgook all week, so I've been taking advantage of the quiet to knit knit knit! I've also had three days off of work this week, so it really has been a treat!

For a quick treat, head on over to fellow Saratogian Ellen's blog and watch the video - I thought it was so cute!


Nora said...

Great minds think aike! I've just cast on for Go With The Flow too.

Lisa L said...

They just look so comfy and caught my eye right away!

KnittingKnirvana said...

I love the name chocolate covered cherries and the colors live up to thier title! I like the tofutsies in the jaywalker pattern. I was at SNA yesterday and saw the colorway in person. It is a brighter in person! Enjoy your uninterrupted knitting time!

Ellen said...

Love the chocolate covered cherries!
It looks delish.