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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Not Much Knitting Going On . . .

Hi everyone - just wanted to post to say that I'm still here. Just not knitting or spinning very much. I've started treatment, so my summer is going to have its ups and downs. The toll the medicine takes on your body is just so surprising to me. Especially when you start out feeling just fine. But the weather is getting nicer and nicer and I have lots of help on the home front! I'm sure you all know how hard it is just to let other folks do things for you . . . well, maybe not THAT hard . . . ;-) I've just been focusing on very simple knitting with soft yarn - the baby blanket in particular! My brain just can't seem to focus on anything more complicated. I've been working on Grumperina's Odessa hat from Magknits and I keep having a heck of a time with the decreases. And the problem is 100% me - not the pattern at all! Crazy!

Thanks for all the thoughts you've been sending my way and I'll still be reading your blogs!!!


Stephanie said...

Hey Girl! I was happy to see your new post. Keep pushin' forward on that blanket...can't wait to see it.

I hope you're enjoying the wonderful spring weather!!

Jknits said...

Good luck with the medicine and all. It's hard to not be 100 percent, even if you know it's to make you healthier in the long run. Hang in there. I'll try to knit a few extra rows on your behalf.

Nora said...

Thinking of you Liz. x

Holly Jo said...

Sorry to hear the medicine is tough on you. You sound upbeat though and a good attitude can make all the difference in the end.

Can't wait to see the blanket. Mindless knitting is underrated - it is meditative which sounds like what you need.

KnittingKnirvana said...

Your positive outlook is sooo important. And let people help, it makes them feel better to know that they can do something. It will also allow you to conserve your energy for what is truly important--like meditative knitting. You're in my thoughts.