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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ahhhh . . . Knitting . . .

Don't laugh - it's my attempt at an "arty" shot! It's my "Forecast" Spunky Eclectic fiber of the month roving all spun up. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I've actually already knit a Calorimetry with one ball and it came out great. No picture yet though - next time!

I'm very proud of the Rowing Cat - she actually mentioned that she wanted to knit a pair of socks! So, we purchased a skein of the Austermann Step with the Aloe Vera in it. I have to admit that it was a bit pricey - didn't really look at the price tag until we got to the register - but she loved it - what can you do?? She started the toe last night and is using my favorite, the Magic Loop method. It's great to show a kid something - they just dive right in - none of the adult angst of thinking that it's going to be too hard. And it's coming along great! Again, no picture yet. You can really feel the Aloe Vera as you knit and the knit piece feels very soft. I'll update as the sock progresses. I haven't decided yet if I would find the lotion feeling kind of wierd knitting along. The Rowing Cat doesn't seem to mind though.

Here's a picture of our little Tiggy. (I promised the Rowing Cat I'd post one!)

I did finish the baby blanket for Maria in Sweden! It also turned out just as I had hoped. I think I may have to pry this away from the Rowing Cat however. It is very, very soft. It's made out of Esprit yarn with Gedifra Techno Hair for the edging. Hope the new baby likes it! I might just have to order some more of this yarn and make a larger version for our couch - it's that soft!

Here is a picture of my latest spinning adventure. It is absolutely gorgeous roving from Scarlet Fleece Hand Painted Fiber from Holly Spring Homespun of At the Yarn Shop podcast. It is such a pleasure to spin with - and I'm getting it pretty thin! I have one bobbin spun and will be starting on the second today. My goal is a pair of socks from this!

Thanks for all the good thoughts and wishes! I feel pretty good this week - looks like it's about a 7 - 10 day cycle of side effects and then a respite until the next treatment. And that's great! I also think I'll manage the side effects better next time having been through one cycle now. But my hair is starting to come out today! I know this is the most devastating thing for many people, but I'm actually thinking that it's going to be quite the adventure - plus - it's something that doesn't physically hurt! I've put the call into my hairdresser - she already has a wig ready for me!


Midnight2sticks said...

Wow Lisa L.-you are amazing! That yarn is gorgeous-skype me (midnight2sticks) if you ever need to chat, OK?

Thinking of you!

Stephanie said...

Hey Lady! I love the "Forcast" fiber you spun up...it's beautiful. Thanks for the tip about Roving of the Month...that is too cool!!

Rowing Cat is a lucky girl to make her first pair of sock with Austermann Step. The pair I made with Austermann is my absolute favorite...they feel so great on!

Darling baby blanket too.

So happy to see a new post from you. I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery!!


PS - I promise to chat more about my spinning on the next podcast!

Holly Jo said...

Oh my gosh! Your spinning looks so good! So even - so consistent. The plying looks good too! Can't wait to see the socks.

You sound like you have a good attitude about the hair. I imagine with all the side effects you embrace something that is not physically painful. Thinking about you.

Kristin said...

You have the greatest attitude! I truly believe that keeping positive is a huge part of the healing process. My thoughts are with you and I hope you have a speedy recovery!

KnittingKnirvana said...

That blanket is gorgeous! I second making an adult-sized one for cuddling under on those cold winter nights. Roving Cat is one lucky girl. I can't wait to hear how she likes her socks. Keep on keeping on.

catsmum said...

happy to see you posting and visiting Lisa.
Now where to start? So much in one post.
The two spinning photos look wonderful ... I can only aspire to such eveness.
The sock wool? Not one we get here and truly gorgeous.
The hair? well trust you to be so positive about it all and it WILL grow back [ and then there's all the hats you can knit ]
be well sweety and thanks for making the effort to visit

Nora said...

You are an amzing woman Lisa. Happy Mother's Day. x

Stephanie said...

In regards to the comment you left me...

How do I know I'll have enough fiber for my shawl?
Well, I spun a sample of this yarn at the yarn shop, then plyed a piece about 6" long. They used this weird contraption that measured the amount of yarn and the length to determine how much roving I would need to purchase to make the small version of this shawl.

Next time I go to that shop, I will ask them the name of that tool!

Nora said...

Lisa, I couldn't find your email so I'm leaving you a comment to thank you for your kind words regarding my brother. It means a lot when people cre enough to comment. Thank you kindly. I hope you are well. x

anne said...

hey lisa---sending lots of good thoughts your way...word on the street is there might not be a trip out west...huh...we needed the snow too. but that means i think its time i bring the hubby east...and we can knit and knit and you can teach me to spin :)

i hope all is well and you get to feeling mucho better!