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Friday, November 10, 2006

Spinning, Knitting and a little Hound Dog

Faith, of The Knitting Cook podcast, spoke at length in her latest episode about the wonder of the knitting community, especially the on-line community. I have to agree with everything she said. Here's my story: My Secret Pal 9 spoilee is a woman who lives in Massachusetts and is a writer for a Boston newspaper. My daughter is also a writer, albeit a thirteen year old one. She loves to write. She writes every day and hopes to someday write stories for children. This is simply amazing to me. I would find writing stories to be sheer torture. I mentioned in an email to my spoilee that my daughter wants to be a writer. My spoilee passed on some "words of wisdom" for her which was wonderful. Then I received another email from her suggesting a book she thought might be perfect for my daughter! The book is called Writing Magic and is written by Gail Carson Levine. That night I went to the bookstore, found the book and brought it home. Well, you can imagine that the Rowing Cat was VERY EXCITED about this book. It is perfect for her! And she is very impressed that A REAL WRITER recommended a book to her! So that is my story about the knitting community. It is a place where a fellow knitter takes the time to reach out and do something special for a thirteen year old! I know that I'll always remember this gesture of kindness!

Here is a picture of the merino roving I bought at Rhinebeck. It's a beautiful color and looks nice when spun, but I have to admit that I'm not loving it. It's probably just my drafting technique, but I'm not happy with the way it feels in my hand. I think I should just put this away for another day. I have some wool roving still sitting in my stash that I think I'll pull out and try.

Here's a picture of sock #1 from the Tea Swap Regia self patterning yarn! I'm about halfway through the second. My daughter is very anxious for me to finish them! They do look most impressive to those not initiated into the world of self patterning yarn!

And finally, a shot of the Rowing Cat in her jeans and teeshirt doing a dance to Elvis Presley's Hound Dog for Talent Show night! These girls made quite a pair!


Susan B. Anderson said...

Hi there!

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! Your sock looks great. I am dying to learn to spin. To me that spun yarn looks beautiful.

Nad said...

Hello Lisa,

thank you for leaving a comment and for sharing the sp9 story- the internet is a great place- I have no actual knitting community where I live and having a blog means that I can finally connect to knitters. It is a great feeling. :)

cps said...

Hey! I'm new to knitting and thanks for the comment. I really am enjoying the knitting community too. May have to pick up that book for my 10 year old daughter. I love that sock yarn too:) I am kinitting my first pair with lyon brand self stripping yarn and am still really amazed every time I look at it. Heck, I'm so new to this that how people came up with these patterns I may never know. Have a great weekend!

Holly Jo said...

Your handspun looks good. Colors ARE nice.

Stephanie said...

I'm jealous of your handspun --- it's beautiful!

I need to practice that spinning thing...it's so frustrating to me :)

Nora said...

Lisa, I often marvel at the kindness demonstrated by the online knitting community (I wrote a similar post this morning).
Thanks for the link to the podcast - I've saved it for next week! x

Ulrika said...

Thanks for the sweet comment at my place!

I know just what you mean when you talk of the wonderfulness (is that a word? heh) of the knitting community. I have met so many wonderful people through it!

Have a nice day!