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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Help Mom!

Here is the Rowing Cat's stash pile dumped on the couch in front of Mom for a drastically needed untangling . . .

Then I did my magic and this is the result - now the Rowing Cat can start up again on her black scarf.

Except that this happened before she could grab her yarn!

The cat knows a good haul when she sees one! Below are the finished socks from the yarn sent by my Tea Swap pal - they turned out great!

And here's a little "One Skein Wonders" hat I finished. I splurged and bought some Socks That Rock yarn this week - off to cast on!


KnittingKnirvana said...

You are starting your daughter off right: teaching her to knit and to find someone to take out the tangles! :)

cps said...

Love the socks! Nice color stripping. Kitties and yarn - you gotta love it.

Nora said...

Love the kitty - and the knitting. The white hat is oh-so-stylish. x