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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Rhinebeck Report

What a great weekend! We had a wonderful bus trip down sponsored by Saratoga Needle Arts.
The weather was cool but the sun was bright! I had my Ravelry button on and I was ready to go. Tracey and I started to wander through the displays and within 10 minutes I was stopped by someone wanting to know if I was Lisa! She is a fellow Raveler on the She Knits Board and recognized my name. How fun is that??

We continued on from there and went in search of fiber goodness. Tracey was looking for some specific yarn so that was our first task. She found the vendor, but not the exact same shade of yarn. She had to settle for a different color. But it is beautiful!

We saw lots and lots of sheep.

How cute are they???

I was on the hunt for fiber and I found some beautiful roving at the Weston Hill booth. It's a local New York State family farm and the blended roving is wonderful. They were having a special sale - buy 4 "bumps" and get 1 free! Perfect. The blue colors I chose are lovely! I also picked up three bags of silk hankies in some beautiful colors. I'm not totally sold on spinning hankies - your hands need to be very very well moisturized or the silk catches, but I couldn't resist the colors!

We also really enjoyed the displays of knitted items and yarn as well as the demonstrations of rug hooking and weaving. Rug hooking seemed to be the up and coming craft this year. We were utterly exhausted by the end of the day!

And finally, Mark turned 50 yesterday! We had a fun cake!


Lin said...

What a great time and happy birthday to Mark!

KnittingKnirvana said...

Wasn't the weather just perfect for knitters?? Cool and crisp, but sunny and bright. I am awe of your restraint---is that all of your Rhinebeck purchases????