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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year . . .

Ahhhhhh . . . School . . . . It begins . . . . The Rowing Cat begins High School next week. I can't really believe it! Volleyball started this week, scrimmages and practices! My little girl is a setter for the JV Team!

I participated in Ravelympics! I was a member of Team Tardis and participated in the Handspun Heptathalon! I used some luscious fiber from Spunky Eclectic - a beautiful blend of merino and mohair. I started spinning during the Opening Ceremonies and was able to finish my scarf before the Closing Ceremonies! The Rowing Cat has already claimed this as her own . . . The pattern is Mabel's Scarf.

Here is a picture of my "haul" from the Hush Hush Hand Spun Hootenanny! My swap partner Ingrid put together a great package! Two skeins of handspun, beautiful fiber hand dyed by Ingrid and silk hankies, also hand dyed by Ingrid! She also included a bar of her own handmade soap with a wonderful Mango scent.

Here is the bobbin with the silk. This has been interesting to spin. I've only tried silk hankies once before using a spindle. So I was really interested to try this on the wheel. It's pretty neat! The silk does get stuck on every little dry spot on your hands or on the chair or on your glasses . . . but it's a fun process! I'm thinking of plying the silk with some laceweight black alpaca from the stash. Hmmmm . . . I'll have to see what it looks like. I'm also thinking of experimenting with the handspun Ingrid sent me. I just might try cabling some of each skein together. It's a technique I've been reading about in Spin Off magazine.

Here's a picture of my Seafoam Scarf. I'm very happy with this one! The yarn is spun from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club roving. I think this pattern really pops with the color transitions. It's a fun pattern to knit with a series of yarnovers that are dropped.

And what would a blog post from me be without a pair of socks? This colorway is called TOTM - can you guess what that means???? Time of the Month! Perfect - don't you think??? They've gone into the Rowing Cat's sock drawer!


Meg said...

I'm on your team in Dish Rag Tag, just stopping by to say hello. I think I will be sending the baton to you after I get it. Your Seafoam Scarf is beautiful!

Anne said...

I love your Seafoam Scarf! The colors look fantastic together. You are right, the pattern really pops.

Lin said...

The scarf is beautiful. I have some silk to spin but it seems so hard I haven't tried yet!

Anita said...

both scarves are lovely! Your homespun yarn is awesome!! I'm just learning to spin myself... :)

Jknits said...

All I can say is: wow. Actually I can say more - you did a great job on those scarves -how lovely. Cool socks too.

putasockinit said...

Wow! That yarn is just perfect for the seafoam pattern. Lovely! =)