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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Holiday Knits

I went to the Post Office yesterday to mail some packages. I asked the clerk for a book of stamps and I said to give me whatever he had in his drawer. "Whatever?" he asked. "Whatever" I said. This is what he gave me - how great is that??? I almost burst out laughing in the middle of the Post Office! Mark and the Rowing Cat could not believe it when I showed them!

I think I'll go back and get more!

I did some last minute Christmas shopping yesterday and look what I found. After the stamps, finding this card was a bonus! It's gone off to a knitting/blogging friend! Once I was done shopping, I knew I was destined to get back home and knit, knit, knit.

I had a rough knitting afternoon/evening though. Remember that beautiful Malabrigo I was knitting with? I finished the scarf and decided to make a pair of fingerless mitts with the leftover. That went fine and the mitts are completed and put away for a special recipient. I had still more yarn left over and decided to make another pair of fingerless mitts for our office Secret Santa exchange on Thursday. I finished one and got through about half of the second and I RA OUT OF YARN!!! I was just tempting fate. Oh well. I put the incomplete mitt on some waste yarn and put them away to wait for the day that I can get another skein of that beautiful yarn . . . And then I pulled out some Cascade 220 from the stash and cast on again. So my goal is to finish the NEW set of mitts today during the Patriots game!

While I was gone, this came into the house! We always get our tree from Bob's Trees. It's about a half hour ride one way. I went on the trek two years ago and we got completely lost. Since then I have been banned from the trip. Can you feel how sad I feel about the ban???;-) So every year, Mark and the Rowing Cat get to go out in the cold and figure out how to get the tree onto the car, up on our back porch and into the house!

We're in the midst of another winter storm here in Saratoga. This is our porch this morning. I had cleared it of all of the snow from the last storm yesterday afternoon, so this all fell last night. We've spent the morning digging out the cars. I think we're due for some freezing rain and then more snow tonight. Will there be school tomorrow? That is the big question . . .
For this afternoon, it's cooking tomato sauce and stew for later in the week. There's a flank steak marinating in the refrigerator to be grilled later - yum! And, oh yes, we have to put the lights on the tree . . . !


Adelle said...

I love the stamps!!!

And haven't you had enough of the snow already? I know it's not even Christmas, but seriously... I cannot stand it. I am so sick of snow blowing.

Lisa L said...

You've got that right - and now the freezing rain!

Queen of the froggers said...

We don't get snow like that here much these days. Those stamps are funny!

Holly Jo said...

I giggled with delight when the clerk handed me mine. :) Funny, your blog is the first to mention it. I would have thought people would have been all over those things.

I won't even tell you how jealous of your snow I am. A whopping six degrees this morning and about 2 inches of snow on the ground. Freezing rain is evil though - drive safe.

catsmum said...

Oh how GOOD are those stamps!!!?!!!
Love 'em

Kylie said...

Great stamps :)

We don't have snow in sydney so you will forgive me when i say. It's soooo beautiful :)

Jknits said...

Bummer about running out of the Malabrigo! At least you got as much as you did out of it.

Happy knitting and Christamsing