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Friday, October 15, 2010

Comic Con!

We went to ComicCon/AnimeCon in NY last weekend! What an experience. Here are the two girls dressed in their Japanese schoolgirl outfits ready to go.

This whole trip was instigated by my brother. He is a comic book fan from wayyyyy back. I don't think he actually read any books when he was little - just comics. He still has a stash of them. Since he generously offered to drive us down, how could we resist? It was also an opportunity for me to work on my crochet squares for Mark's "You Never Make Me A Blanket" blanket . . . I have way too many squares to go before Christmas. But, progress was made.

Here they are outside of the Javits Center. This is before I knew what we were in for . . .

Our entrance tags secured it was off! My sister-in-law was a little worried about letting the girls go off on their own to the Anime side, but since they survived Tokyo alone this summer, I thought they would be fine! We set them free and texted when we needed to meet up.

As the day progressed there were more and more and more people there! It was absolutely crazy! I had no idea that so many people were passionate about this. It was like Rhinebeck on steroids. You could hardly move in the vendor area. Tons of people were dressed up in costumes. Go over to the website and take a look at the Flickr group - it is pretty amazing! The girls got asked to have their picture taken aobut 10 times! We saw Stan Lee - that was pretty amazing! And there were load of exttremely talented artists drawing on Artists Row. This man was completing a HUGE chalk drawing on the floor!

It was a fun, fun day! The girls are looking forward to going to the Anime conference in Boston in April! I did finish my first super secret Christmas gift. One down and many still to go!

The Rowing Cat is continuing her foray into Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. She's on Book 4 of Laurie King's series! They are really fun books!

And of course another Anime book that she has been "waiting and waiting" to come out in English!

And finally, my tag for Comic Con with my button for Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series - another fun series of books with a Steampunk theme!